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Securd DNS Filtering Tour

Change the rules of engagement and reduce your security exposure by using zero-trust DNS filtering.

  • Instantly reduce your exposure to 95% of domains.

  • Block access to high-risk, malicious and compromised domains.

  • Keep your DNS resolution private & secure with DoT, DoH and DNSSEC.

  • Stay protected across both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

  • Tailor your own block lists for a personalized experience.

  • Investigate and hunt for threats in real-time.


Instant Proof of Value. Implement in 5 Minutes.

protective dns filtering features


  • Spot and block phishing, ransomware and other malware.

  • Proactive defense from new and dynamically generated C2 domains.

  • Continuous protection from millions of low reputation domains.

  • Granular security policies, block pages and advanced security features.


  • Dual stack protective DNS support for IPv4 and IPv6.

  • DoH and DoT support for browser-based deployments.

  • Off-network roaming client to protect end-users wherever they go.

  • Multi-tenant design to support enterprises or service providers.


  • Low-latency 100% highly-available Anycast network across 30+ regions.

  • Fallback to a protected network with DNS service DDoS mitigation.

  • Use up to 4 DNS pairs for multiple polices and zones from one source IP.

  • Publish security policies to take effect across our global network in 10ms.

Securd Feature Tour

Anycast Network

Securd protective DNS is devilvered through a 100% uptime global anycast network.

Cloud Delivered

Securd is a cloud delivered protective DNS that is user-friendly and easy to manage.

DNS over TLS

Secure your endpoint DNS queries from prying eyes with DNS over TLS (DoT).


Securd supports DNSSEC to secure endpoints from DNS poisoning and spoofing.

Dual Stack IPv4 IPv6

Securd supports dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 DNS filtering.

Log Fowarding

Securd supports real-time DNS log forwarding to the XDR, SIEM or Log Analysis tool of your choice.


With multi-tenant support, segregate your DNS traffic by customer, organization, or zone of your choice.

Pager Duty

Accelerate your security incident response times with Securd's Pager Duty integration.

Static IP Protection

Add protective DNS filtering to fixed locations with static IP protection.

White-label Branding

White label Securd's protective DNS filtering service with your brand.

Block Page

Customize the block page users see your security policy blocks access to a website.

Custom Block Lists

Create custom block lists to prevent access endpoint access to specific domains.


Secure your endpoint DNS queries from prying eyes wih DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).

Domain Rank

Securd's Domain Rank protects against resolving low reputation and high risk domains.

Grey Wall

The DNS Grey Wall is a proprietary security feature that temporarily blocks access to high-risk domains.


Securd offers DNS logging so you can hunt threats and troubleshoot in real-time.

Off-Network Clients

Protect off-network clients with Securd wherever the device goes.

Security Policies

Securd security policies enable you to customize the level of DNS security you require.

Usage-Based Pricing

Securd usage-based pricing offers flexibility, cost savings, scalability, and predictability.

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