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Block Page

Customize the block page users see your security policy blocks access to a website.

What is a Block Page?

A block page is a webpage that is displayed to a user when they attempt to access a website that has been blocked by Securd. The block page typically informs the user that the website they are trying to access is blocked and gives the reason for the block. The block page is served and displayed by Securd and not by the user's browser.

Custom Block Page Options

Securd supports multiple types of block pages:

  • The default block page, which is the standard page that is shown to users by default

  • A custom message can be added to the default Securd block page.

  • A fully customized HTML block page, which allows you to create your own page using HTML

  • Redirect to a URL of your choice, allowing you to redirect the user to another website instead of showing them a block page.

These options enable you to create multiple block pages to match your organizational policies and branding, you can also customize the header logo to match your company's branding.  As Securd is built with a multi-tenant model, it can support multiple customers with different policies and branding.

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