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End of Life Policy

How We Approach End-of-Life

Securd roadmap can result in changes that include moving away from existing products and features, called end-of-life (EOL). We’re committed to communicating about the changes that impact users and capabilities, especially when these changes significantly affect long-established workflow or capability.

In assessing EOL impact, we evaluate:

  • Potential impact on customers and their needs

  • Customer feedback on the potential EOL

  • Impact on resources to support implementing the EOL

In communicating EOL changes, we perform to the following standards:

  • Give customers and partners as much lead time as possible

  • Minimize interruption to any customer

  • If the change has a major impact, maximize alternative options

We generally strive to create, release and maintain stable offerings that customers and partners can leverage for the next 3-5 years.

Current EOL Policy 

This policy guides customers and partners regarding the milestones and timeframes for when a Product reaches EOL. This policy is provided to assist customers and partners in planning and successfully transitioning to current versions of the Products or new Products and covers the following four areas:

  1. Securd SaaS Products

  2. Securd Software Products

  3. Securd Services

  4. Securd Product or Service Feature

Securd Products are improved continuously with the current version replacing the previous version in the Securd cloud platform, Securd API, or Securd service offering. Securd upgrades all customers in an offering, so all customers maintain the most current supported version. However, a specific Product or Product feature might transition through milestones to its EOL.

End-of-Feature (EOF)

  • If a third-party dependency, security issue, or other critical risk causes an urgent need for a change, we notify you as soon as possible.

  • 0-90 days notice if limited changes to customer processes or procedures are anticipated.

  • Ninety days’ (90) notice if changes to functionality are limited in scope.

  • One hundred eighty (180) days notice if changes are highly impactful and will require significant effort or resources from customers to adapt.

End-of-Sale (EOS)

In 90 days, the Product is no longer available for new orders. However, the Product may be renewed to extend an existing contract or to add more users through its EOL date. Securd will continue to provide support for the Product until the EOL for the Product.

End-of-Life (EOL)

After a minimum of one year after the EOS date, the Product or feature will no longer be available, and customers with existing contracts that extend beyond the EOL date will be offered a replacement path, or Securd will support the current Product or Feature until the end of the then-current contract term without renewal.

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