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Dual Stack IPv4 IPv6

Securd supports dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 DNS filtering.

Embrace Comprehensive Protection with Securd's Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 DNS Resolution

The internet is an integral part of business operations, and support for IPv4 and IPv6 DNS resolution is necessary. Securd recognizes this evolving need and proudly supports dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 DNS resolution, ensuring your organization's network is future-proof and secure.

Understanding the Importance of Dual Stack DNS

The Evolution from IPv4 to IPv6

IPv4 Limitations: IPv4 addresses, consisting of 32-bit numbers, have become increasingly scarce due to the exponential growth of internet-connected devices. Although IPv4, with its familiar dotted-decimal notation (e.g.,, is still prevalent, its limitations are evident.

The Advent of IPv6: IPv6 addresses are 128-bit numbers, written in hexadecimal notation (e.g., 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334), offering a vastly larger address pool. This expansion is critical in accommodating the burgeoning number of devices online.

Coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6

Dual Presence: With many organizations transitioning to IPv6 while still operating on IPv4 infrastructure, it's essential to have a DNS solution that seamlessly works with both.

Securd's Dual Stack Solution: Our service ensures that your protective DNS features are not just confined to one protocol, safeguarding your network against vulnerabilities that might arise from either protocol.

Why Choose Securd for Dual Stack DNS?

Comprehensive Security

All-Encompassing Protection: Securd's dual stack support means that whether your network runs on IPv4, IPv6, or a combination, we protect against malicious domains across both protocols.

Enhanced Compatibility

Future-Ready: As IPv6 becomes prevalent, Securd's dual-stack DNS ensures your organization is ready for the future without abandoning current IPv4 networks.

Windows Endpoint Security: With Windows supporting IPv4 and IPv6 by default, Securd's solution is critical for Windows environments, offering robust protective DNS features for both address versions.

Seamless Integration

No Operational Disruption: Transitioning to IPv6 doesn't mean a disruption to your existing systems. Securd's dual-stack DNS integrates smoothly, providing a consistent and secure internet experience.

The Benefits of Securd's Dual Stack DNS

Ensuring End-to-End Security

By offering dual-stack support, Securd ensures that no aspect of your network is left vulnerable, whether operating on the older IPv4 standard or the newer IPv6.

Keeping Up with Technological Advancements

As the internet evolves, so should your security solutions. Securd's dual stack DNS is a testament to staying ahead in the cybersecurity game, preparing your network for the inevitable widespread adoption of IPv6.

Simplifying Network Security

With Securd, you don't have to choose between IPv4 and IPv6 security. Our comprehensive solution means one less thing to worry about in your network management.

Ready to Upgrade to Dual Stack DNS with Securd?

Step into the future with Securd's Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 DNS resolution. Whether modernizing your network infrastructure or maintaining existing systems, our solution provides the security and flexibility you need.

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