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Grey Wall

The DNS Grey Wall is a proprietary security feature that temporarily blocks access to high-risk domains.

Securd's Grey Wall is a powerful and innovative feature designed to tackle one of the most significant problems in cybersecurity today: the exploitation of domains by attackers. With its advanced learning algorithms and unique approach, Grey Wall effectively minimizes the domain options attackers can use, giving your organization a crucial edge in the battle against cyber threats.

  1. Instantly Block Low-Trust Domains: By changing the rules of cyber engagement, Grey Wall allows you to take immediate action against low-trust domains. No longer will attackers find an easy passage through your defenses. By identifying and instantly blocking domains with low trust scores, Grey Wall limits the scope for malicious actors, helping secure your organization from asymmetric Internet threats.

  2. Defend Against Golden Hour Attacks: The critical early stages of a cyber-attack, often called the "golden hour," can determine whether a threat turns into a full-blown breach. Grey Wall technology learns from your DNS traffic patterns and constructs a configurable barrier against low-trust domains. This proactive defense strategy considerably reduces your risk during this crucial phase.

  3. Limit Unwitting Interaction: Cyber risk is significantly increased when end-users interact unknowingly with domains and hostnames with zero trust, history, and reputation. Grey Wall addresses this issue by limiting these potentially dangerous interactions. It places a temporary block on new, dormant, and high-risk indicators, ranging from a short duration of 5 minutes up to 90+ days. This strategy reduces the opportunities for attackers to exploit unsuspecting users.

  4. Preemptive Defense Without IoCs: Traditional cybersecurity measures often rely on Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) to identify and mitigate threats. However, you can stop attackers in their tracks even without needing IoCs with Grey Wall. This proactive, rather than reactive, approach considerably enhances your organization's cybersecurity posture.

Securd's Grey Wall brings a paradigm shift in how we approach domain-based cyber threats. Arming administrators with tools that learn, adapt, and take preemptive action represents a powerful ally in your mission to safeguard your digital environment. Securd's Grey Wall brings a new level of robustness to your cybersecurity defense.

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