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Domain Rank

Securd's Domain Rank protects against resolving low reputation and high risk domains.

DigitalStakeout Domain Rank™ is a feature offered by Securd that helps organizations identify and mitigate the risk of visiting new, low traffic, poor reputation and programmatically generated domains, which can often be a tactic used by cyber attackers to launch phishing or malware attacks.

By analyzing and ranking domains for safety and trust, it allows organizations to "virtually" collapse the size of the internet to their risk tolerance, allowing access only to domains that have been deemed safe, and blocking access to domains that have been deemed unsafe. Securd's proprietary system analyzes over 300 million active and inactive domains, this is done by using multiple sources of information, such as WHOIS data, registrar information, IP geolocation, DNS records, and other data points. All this data is used to identify potential risks and score the domains accordingly, using a safety and trust ranking system.This information is then used by DigitalStakeout's Domain Rank to categorize domains into different risk levels, such as low, medium, and high risk.

This allows an organization to set a risk tolerance level, and only allow access to domains that fall within that risk level, blocking access to the others.

The goal of DigitalStakeout Domain Rank™ is to reduce the risk of cyber attacks by 90% with just one resolution setting. By reducing the size of the internet to only the safe domains organizations can reduce the potential attack surface and lower their risk of falling victim to phishing, malware and other cyber-attacks.

This can be done without impacting the end-user experience and endpoint functionality by still allowing access to necessary sites and applications. This defense helps organizations in their cyber defense by identifying and blocking threats that would not be caught by traditional security measures like relying on indicators of compromise (IoC) or known malware testing.

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