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Anycast Network

Securd protective DNS is devilvered through a 100% uptime global anycast network.

What is Anycast DNS?

Anycast DNS is a method of routing network traffic to the location closest to the user geographically. This is done by assigning a single IP address to multiple servers located in different locations, so when a user requests a DNS lookup, it is directed to the server closest to them. This helps to minimize round-trip time (RTT), reduce the number of hops, and decrease query latency.

By using anycast, security and protection are seamless for all endpoints and end-users, and it doesn't impact the end-user experience.

Redundant DNS & Web Security Infrastructure

Securd global locations utilize redundant servers, making each location highly-available. If one location is down for any reason, users are automatically sent to the next closest location with no visible impact on service or end-user experience. This architecture allows configuring a single IPv4 or IPv6 address to reach the nearest Securd server or URL Proxy. If any reason a Securd or a URL Proxy server fails or is taken offline, services seamlessly fail-over to the nearest server on the same IP with no interruption to services.

Ultra-fast DNS Network Performance

The network performance of Securd is engineered to perform at a 10ms benchmark, security policy changes are instantly published and distributed to every network edge location in real-time. They provides visibility of network availability and performance at any time on their public network status page, it also provide subscribing to email and text status updates to be informed of scheduled maintenance, issues and product updates.

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