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Tailored Security with Custom Domain Blocklists

Fine-tune your security by creating specific domain blocklists.

Empowering Network Administrators with Granular Control

Securd's Custom Block Lists feature is a cornerstone of modern network security, offering unparalleled control over DNS threat hunting and filtering. This powerful tool addresses complex technical challenges faced by network administrators and security professionals.

Key Components of Securd's Custom Block Lists

1. Domain Block/Allow Lists: Precision in DNS Resolution Control

Challenge: Isolating specific top-level domains (TLDs), hostnames, or registered domain names.

Solution: Securd's domain block/allow lists provide:

  • Granular access controls for Internet-facing assets

  • Customizable rules for endpoint DNS resolution

  • Reduced network exposure to potential threats

  • Enhanced overall network hygiene

Advanced Features:

  • Wildcard support for efficient list management

  • Time-based rules for temporary blocks or allowances

  • Integration with threat intelligence feeds for automatic updates

2. Network Block/Allow Lists: Swift Response to Emerging Threats

Challenge: Rapidly reacting to threats associated with specific networks.

Solution: Securd's network block/allow lists enable:

  • Immediate response to network-based threats

  • Specification of allowed or blocked networks for domain resolution

  • Dynamic adjustment of security posture based on real-time threat intelligence

Enhanced Capabilities:

  • Geolocation-based blocking for regional threat mitigation

  • Automatic list updates based on global threat databases

  • Custom alerting for blocked network access attempts

3. CIDR Block Control: Flexible and Far-Reaching Security Measures

Challenge: Controlling domain resolution at varying levels of granularity.

Solution: Securd's CIDR block control offers:

  • Ability to block large IP ranges (e.g., /8 CIDR blocks)

  • Granular overrides for specific domains within blocked categories

  • Flexible decision-making power over network communications

Advanced Features:

  • Visual CIDR block management interface

  • Conflict resolution tools for overlapping CIDR blocks

  • Integration with IP reputation databases for intelligent blocking

Implementing Custom Block Lists: Best Practices

To maximize the effectiveness of Securd's Custom Block Lists:

  1. Regularly review and update lists based on current threat landscapes

  2. Implement a tiered approach: global, department-specific, and user-specific lists

  3. Use automation to integrate with threat intelligence platforms

  4. Establish a clear process for handling false positives and user requests

  5. Conduct periodic audits to ensure list accuracy and relevance

The Future of DNS Filtering: AI-Driven Block Lists

Securd is at the forefront of DNS security innovation. Our roadmap includes:

  • Machine learning algorithms for predictive blocking

  • Behavioral analysis integration for anomaly detection

  • Natural language processing for context-aware filtering

  • Collaborative threat intelligence sharing among Securd users

Elevating Your Network Security with Securd's Custom Block Lists

Securd's Custom Block Lists feature provides network administrators with the tools they need to face complex security challenges head-on. By offering granular control over domain and network resolutions, Securd empowers organizations to:

  • Proactively mitigate DNS-based threats

  • Customize security policies to fit unique organizational needs

  • Respond rapidly to emerging network threats

  • Maintain a robust and flexible network security posture

In an ever-evolving threat landscape, Securd's Custom Block Lists stand as a powerful ally in your cybersecurity arsenal.

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