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Custom Block Lists

Create custom block lists to prevent access endpoint access to specific domains.

Securd's Custom Block Lists is an essential network security feature. Block lists are designed to streamline DNS threat hunting and DNS filtering, placing granular control directly in the hands of network administrators. Let's delve into how this feature can help solve complex technical problems your team might face.

  1. Domain Block/Allow Lists: You may be faced with a challenging scenario where you must isolate certain top-level domains (TLDs), hostnames, or registered domain names. Securd's domain block/allow lists offer a solution to this problem. These lists allow administrators to construct precise access controls, determining which assets endpoints can resolve on the Internet. This granular control helps minimize your network's exposure to threats and promotes improved network hygiene.

  2. Network Block/Allow Lists: You should react swiftly to emerging threats linked to specific networks in certain situations. Securd's network block/allow lists immediately respond to such challenges. This feature allows you to specify networks to either allow or block domains resolving to them, bolstering your network's security and ensuring continued, safe operations.

  3. CIDR Block Control: There are instances where the challenge lies in controlling domain resolution at a far-reaching or granular level. Suppose you must block a /8 CIDR block or override a domain being blocked within a category. Securd provides you with the flexibility to do both. You're given the autonomy to make these important decisions and control the digital assets that your network communicates with.

Securd's Custom Block Lists support the complex issues network administrators and engineers face. By empowering you with extensive control over domain and network resolutions, we aim to offer you as much control as you need.

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