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With multi-tenant support, segregate your DNS traffic by customer, organization, or zone of your choice.

Securd natively provides multi-tenant capabilities, making it an ideal solution for creating zones or MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) that need to segregate clients. This feature is designed to help businesses and organizations protect their networks from cyber threats and ensure the security of their online assets.

The multi-tenant capabilities of Securd allow businesses and organizations to create multiple zones, each with its own set of security policies and configurations. This is particularly useful for MSSPs that need to provide different levels of service and security to different clients, or for organizations that operate multiple branches or subsidiaries with distinct security requirements.

The ability to create and manage multiple zones also enables businesses and organizations to implement role-based access control, which limits the ability of users to access or modify the security policies for a specific zone. This helps to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes and ensures that the security policies for each zone are followed.

In addition to its multi-tenant capabilities, Securd also includes real-time logging, search and filtering capabilities, and the ability to export logs, all of which contribute to the comprehensive protection of your business assets and enable you to see the traffic, detect and respond to malicious activity.

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