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Advanced Threat Hunting with DNS Logging

Hunt threats and troubleshoot issues with comprehensive DNS logs.

Empowering Security Teams with Real-Time DNS Insights

Securd's advanced logging system provides organizations with a powerful tool for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to DNS activity across their networks. Each Securd tenant benefits from a private, secure log data store that captures detailed DNS and web activity in real-time, offering unparalleled visibility into network traffic.

Key Features of Securd's DNS Logging:

  1. Real-Time Logging: Instant capture of all DNS requests and responses

  2. Comprehensive Data Fields: Extensive information for each log entry

  3. Secure Private Storage: Dedicated log storage for each tenant

  4. Advanced Search and Filtering: Powerful tools for log analysis

  5. Export Capabilities: Easy integration with other security tools

  6. Real-Time Log Forwarding: Optional feature for integrated logging approaches

Detailed Log Entry Format: Unmatched DNS Visibility

Securd's log entries provide a wealth of information, enabling deep insights into DNS activity:

Advanced Search and Filtering Capabilities

Securd's logging system offers powerful tools for security teams to sift through vast amounts of DNS data:

  • Real-Time Search: Instantly query logs as they're generated

  • Multi-Field Filtering: Apply filters across multiple log fields simultaneously

  • Regular Expression Support: Use regex for complex search patterns

  • Time-Based Queries: Narrow searches to specific time ranges

  • Saved Searches: Store and reuse common search parameters

  • Visualization Tools: Generate charts and graphs from log data

Log Export and Integration

Securd facilitates seamless integration with existing security ecosystems:

  • Multiple Export Formats: CSV, JSON, and other standard formats

  • Scheduled Exports: Automate regular log exports

  • API Access: Programmatically retrieve log data

  • SIEM Integration: Direct log forwarding to popular SIEM solutions

Best Practices for DNS Log Analysis

  1. Establish baseline DNS behavior for your network

  2. Create alerts for unusual query patterns or high-risk domains

  3. Regularly review logs for signs of data exfiltration attempts

  4. Correlate DNS logs with other security data sources

  5. Use log data to fine-tune DNS security policies

Elevating DNS Security with Securd's Comprehensive Logging

In an era where DNS remains a critical attack vector, Securd's advanced logging capabilities provide organizations with the visibility and tools needed to defend against sophisticated threats. By offering:

  • Detailed, real-time DNS activity logs

  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities

  • Seamless integration with existing security tools

Securd empowers security teams to detect, analyze, and respond to DNS-based threats with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

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