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Securd: Advanced Anti-Phishing Protection with Intelligent DNS Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, phishing attacks remain one of the most pervasive and damaging risks to organizations. Securd offers a sophisticated DNS security solution with features specifically designed to combat phishing attempts. Let's explore how our key technologies work together to create a robust anti-phishing defense.


Core Anti-Phishing Technologies

The Securd Greywall: Proactive Defense Against New Threats

The Greywall is our proprietary technology that significantly reduces the risk of phishing attacks by temporarily limiting interactions with potentially dangerous domains. Here's how it works:

  • Zero-History Domain Detection: Identifies and restricts access to newly registered domains, a common tactic in phishing campaigns.

  • Reputation Analysis: Evaluates domain reputation in real-time, blocking those with suspicious characteristics.

  • Algorithm-Generated Domain Protection: Detects and prevents access to domains likely created by automated systems for malicious purposes.


Real-World Scenario: Greywall in Action

  1. Phishing Attempt Initiation:

  2. Securd Intervention:

    • As the user's system attempts to resolve the domain, Securd's Greywall intercepts the request.

    • The Greywall checks if the domain has been observed before and evaluates its characteristics.

    • If suspicious, access is denied, and the user is redirected to a block page explaining the reason.

  3. Ongoing Protection:

    • The blocked attempt is logged for security admin review.

    • Even after the initial Greywall period expires, Securd continues to monitor the domain for threats.


Domain Rank: Intelligent Threat Assessment

Our Domain Rank system complements the Greywall by:

  • Assessing the reputation and risk level of domains in real-time

  • Utilizing machine learning to identify patterns associated with phishing domains

  • Continuously updating risk scores based on global threat intelligence


Custom Block Lists and Security Policies

Tailor your protection against known and emerging phishing threats:

  • Create and manage custom blocklists for identified phishing domains

  • Implement granular security policies based on your organization's risk profile

  • Quickly respond to new phishing campaigns by updating policies in real-time


DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)

Protect against sophisticated phishing attacks that exploit DNS vulnerabilities:

  • Encrypt DNS queries to prevent eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks

  • Thwart attempts to redirect users to phishing sites through DNS manipulation


Comprehensive Logging and Analysis

Gain crucial insights into phishing attempts:

  • Detailed logs of all DNS queries, including blocked phishing attempts

  • Real-time log forwarding to your SIEM or analysis tools for immediate threat detection

  • PagerDuty integration for instant alerts on suspected phishing activities


Implementing Securd for Enhanced Phishing Protection

  1. Deploy Across Your Network: Utilize our cloud-based platform and off-network clients to ensure comprehensive coverage, protecting users both in the office and remotely.

  2. Customize Your Defenses: Work with our security experts to fine-tune Greywall settings, Domain Rank thresholds, and security policies to match your specific threat landscape.

  3. Educate Your Users: Leverage our block page feature to inform users about potential phishing attempts, turning prevention into a learning opportunity.

  4. Continuous Monitoring and Refinement: Use our logging and analysis tools to identify patterns in phishing attempts and continually improve your defenses.

  5. Stay Informed: Access our regularly updated threat intelligence reports to stay ahead of emerging phishing tactics and adjust your protection accordingly.

By leveraging Securd's advanced anti-phishing features, particularly our innovative Greywall technology, you're creating a proactive, multi-layered defense system that evolves with the threat landscape. Our approach ensures that your organization stays protected against even the most sophisticated and rapidly-deployed phishing attacks.


Ready to revolutionize your anti-phishing strategy?

Contact us today for a personalized demo and see how Securd can enhance your cybersecurity posture.

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