Security Features

Patent-pending zero-trust DNS security technology to proactively defend against the hostile Internet.

Securd blocks access to malware domains, disrupts access to malicious URLS and prevents end users from falling for socially engineered attacks. Securd delivers the technology for you to change the rules of engagement on the Internet and take back control.


Defend your end-users

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Securd Security Features

Stop Phishing, Ransomware and other Malware

Targeted cyber attacks against your end users are designed to get past email defense and anti-virus solutions. Securd assumes every request to a domain is a threat unless proven and trained by our AI otherwise. Cyber actors can buy, register or hack domains in their socially engineered phishing & malware attacks. However, they won't be able to use these domains against your end users. Securd blocks access to untrusted, malicious and compromised domains and prevents phishing, ransomware and malware attacks against your end users.


Cloud-Delivered DNS Filtering & Web Security



Stop Access to New and Untrusted Domains

The Securd "greywall" empowers you to change how phishing attacks can succeed. This innovative and powerful feature prevents unwitting end-users from interacting with domains, hostnames with zero trust, history and reputation. Apply a temporary block to new, dormant, and high-risk domains for 1 minute to permanently and stop unknown malware. This delay technology provides critical time for your other security defenses to discover, assess, and distribute protection or intelligence to mitigate real-time threats. Securd's patent-pending Newly Observed Domains (NOD) technology is customer-specific, so you get maximum defense based on how domains interact with your end-users and environment.


"DNS firewalls could have mitigated one-third of the incidents we studied and could have prevented $10 billion in losses in those incidents. Furthermore, because it is likely that a protective DNS (PDNS) could have had a role in stopping one-third of all breaches"

Global Cyber Alliance - June, 2019

securd antiphising security policy categories

Block Phishing, Ransomware and Malware

Securd offers comprehensive coverage to mitigate phishing and other threats that target end-users. Securd provides real-time protection for 15+ cyber threat categories. In addition to identifying and mitigating DNS threats, Securd's Targeted Proxy protects endpoints from threats that target HTTP or HTTPS. Securd's targeted proxy analyzes HTTP and HTTPS web traffic for high-risk URLs on trustworthy domains. We intelligently route URL inspection on the Securd Edge Anycast Network without impacting the end-user application performance or experience.


Create Allow/Block Lists for Domains and Networks

Securd security policies support customer configured DNS-level block/allow lists that enable administrators to block or accept by hostname or registered domain name. Network block/allow lists enable administrators to immediately block or allow any domain resolving to the networks they specify. If you wanted to block domain resolution to a /8 CIDR block, you can. If you choose to override a domain we're blocking in a category, you can. You're always in 100% control of what gets accepted or blocked.


securd offers support for dns-level allow and block lists for domains and networks.


100% Logging Visibility and Analytics

Organizations need real-time visibility of their attack surface to limit cyber exposures, prevent attacks, and detect emerging threats. Passive and real-time DNS intelligence is critical in detecting network intrusions and is instrumental in any forensic and incident response analysis. With Securd, you can analyze or forward and centralize your user-level passive DNS data into tools like Elastic Siem,,Splunk, or Loggly. If you’re not ready to integrate, Securd does offer a comprehensive query log tool to search, investigate, and export logs for all plans.



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