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How to Enable DoH in Chrome

DoH (IETF RFC8484) allows browsers to send DNS requests as normal-looking HTTPS traffic to special DoH-compatible DNS servers called DoH resolvers.  These are the instructions how to enable DoH for Chrome browsers.

How to configure DoH through the Chrome Browser

Setting up DoH in Chrome isn’t as easy as Firefox DoH. Google is behind Mozilla with rolling out support for the protocol. While DoH works in Chrome when configured, there is no UI interface for enabling or configuring it.

1. Go to your Chrome Shortcut where you launch your browser. You can do this on a taskbar, start menu or desktop.

2. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties.

3. In the target input, you will need to add additional parameters AFTER \chrome.exe”

REPLACE {DoH Hostname} with your Securd DoH Hostname including the brackets.

….\chrome.exe” –enable-features=”dns-over-https<DoHTrial” –force-fieldtrials=”DoHTrial/Group1″ –force-fieldtrial-params=”DoHTrial.Group1:server/https%3A%2F%2F{DoH Hostname}%2Fdns-query/method/POST

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