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Defending employees from Covid-19 phishing and malware

With more than 225,000 new domains registered related the Coronavirus, end-users face an unrelenting barrage of cyber threats related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Does Securd mitigate Covid-19 phishing and malware attacks?

Block Covid-19 Domains with Zero Trust or Reputation

Most Covid-19 domains are parked and will not have any valid purpose in the future. Because our security technology is a zero-trust based system, new domains cannot immediately interact with end users. Newly registered and unranked domain names that we have not observed or scored are inherently not trusted. Security administrators can configure policies to block low trust domains immediately. End-users will not be able to access any suspect domains. This means threat actors can register or dynamically create all the domains they want, none will be accessible through a hardened zero-trust system.

Securd Zero Trust DNS Firewall Policy Editor
Securd DNS Firewall Security Categories

Covid-19 Threat Security Category

For customers who want to allow traffic and not utilize the zero-trust features, the Securd comes with a dedicated security category for Covid-19 related cyber threats. We continuously analyze our DNS data and populate security categories with real-time cyber threat intelligence. As we discover new threats, we instantly publish this intelligence worldwide for immediate protection. Domains are held in this category until these domains go offline, or there is evidence the domain is not engaged in malicious, criminal, or any nefarious behavior.

Zero Reputation Security Category

The Zero Reputation security category’s design is to mitigate threats from cybercriminals who use newly registered domains as a vector of attack. Bad actors hope and attempt to trap users before a domain’s reputation analysis. 99.99% of the time, legitimate organizations will never activate a domain and start using it immediately after registration. The zero reputation category blocks newly-registered and previously dormant domains for 72 hours, including Covid-19 related cyber threats.

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