The first zero-trust DNS filtering and secure web gateway service

Open and uncontrolled DNS resolution is a security vulnerability. Attackers relentlessly use cheap, disposable, and compromised Internet resources to stand up domains and websites to attack your employees and organization at will. We map the Internet in real-time and separate the trusted from the hostile. Our patent-pending technology proactively defends your end-users wherever they are in ways that any other DNS firewall, DNS filter, and secure web gateway simply can't. In less than 5 minutes, we'll stop threats and access to hostile Internet resources that can compromise your end-users and result in a business compromise or data breach.

cloud deliverd phishing, ransomware and malware protection

How Securd defends against cyber attacks.

It's likely your traditional defenses won't detect the phishing email and your end-user will miss or ignore a warning banner. If an end user clicks on the threat, or opens a malicious attachment, we're there to stop the threat. Securd provides multiple layers of defense to prevent your endpoint from downloading malware, accessing a command and control server or being further compromised. Securd offers a proactive defense to block attackers' use of cheap, free, disposable, and compromised Internet resources to attack your organization.



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Proactive DNS & web defense to protect end users.

Attackers will continue to come up with ways to get end users to fall for the phishing, click on malicious links, and open malicious attachments.

Your end-users are busy, distracted and focused on their job. Because phishing resembles legitimate email, phishing emails will evade most anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware software. Our security approach assumes all traditional security controls have failed, warning banners have been ignored and threat intelligence does not exist to defend against the threat.


Cloud-delivered DNS security for any organization.

Securd can be used by any business, regardless of size or location. It takes most administrators less than 5 minutes to get started.

Deployment requires only a simple change to your network DNS settings. Getting remote employees working from home protected is just as easy. We offer agent and agent-less options to get your remote and off-network devices protected. No matter what plan you select, you will also gain visibility into real-time and historical logs to investigate and remediate incidents.


Defend your end-users

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Securd Features

Securd is easy to deploy, simple to manage, and provides real-time defense and visibility into attacks targeting your end-users. With zero-trust DNS security, you reduce risk to phishing, ransomware, malware and a wide array of security threats that can disrupt your revenue or result in a data breach.

Phishing Protection

Block access known phishing domains and also quarantine new domains in real-time.

Zero Trust Protection

Block access to high risk domains based on Securd's Graph DNS™ score.

Newly Observed Domain Greywall

Delay access to new and stale host names to mitigate zero-hour attacks based on your observed traffic.

15+ Categories of Cyber Threats

24x7 protection from ransomware, malware, phishing, and other cyber threats.

DNS & Malicious URL Protection

Securd offers DNS filtering with a high-speed Targeted Proxy that blocks malicious URLs hosted on trustworthy domains.

Allow/Block Domain & Network Lists

Create user defined allow and block policy lists for domains, hostnames, networks, and IP addresses.

Enforce DNSSEC

Protect against forged or altered DNS data and DNS cache poisoning.

On/Off Network Client for Windows

Lightweight Windows client to provide endpoint protection anywhere your devices go.

Controlled Default Actions

Set policies to default accept or deny to use an open or zero-trust based approach.

IPv4/IPv6 Support

Dual-stack support for static IPv4 & IPv6 protocols.

DoH & DoT Support

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) for off-network endpoints. Encrypt DNS queries and responses to keep user browsing secure and private.

Granular TTL Support

Policy level control over response TTLs to manage cache and bandwidth.

Device Level Policies

Create policies at the device level to secure DNS traffic for any on/off network device.

Multiple Policies Per Site

Create policies to target different anycast IP address to support multiple policies from one NAT IP address.

Multiple DoH Addresess

Create virtual off-network sites with customized policies for DNS over HTTPS URLs.

Real-time Analytics

Simple real-time dashboard to highlight most important threats and events being detected.

Historical Query Logs

Search, filter and analyze real-time and historical passive DNS query logs.

PagerDuty Integration

Accelerate incident management and forward alerts to PagerDuty in real-time.

Real-Time Query Log Forwarding

Forward query logs via HTTP or SYSLOG in real-time to Elasticsearch, Loggly, Splunk and more.

Custom Block Pages

Create a branded custom message, custom HTML or URL redirect for a security policy.

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