Anycast Network

Zero-trust DNS security and web filtering delivered on a 100% uptime global anycast network.

Securd solutions are delivered through a low-latency 100% highly-available global anycast network on one of the largest peered networks in the world. Delivered from 30+ locations worldwide, our mission is to provide our customers and partners a security solution that achieves a 10 millisecond experience in any location in the world.

securd anycast network

"Using secure DNS would reduce the ability for 92% of malware attacks both from command and control perspective, deploying malware on a given network."

-Anne Neuberger Director, Cybersecurity Directorate - NSA June, 2020

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About the Securd Network

What is Anycast?

Anycast is a way to route network traffic that dramatically increases Securd services' speed and reliability. Your service requests are directed to the location closest geographically, minimizing round-trip time (RTT), decreasing the number of hops, and reducing latency. Using anycast assures, security and protection are seamless, and it doesn't impact the end-user experience.



Securd Anycast Infrastructure

All of Securd's global locations utilize redundant servers, making each location highly-available. If one location is down for any reason, users are sent automatically to the next closest location with no visible impact to service or end-user experience. With this architecture, you can configure a single IPv4 or IPv6 address to reach the nearest Securd DNS server or Targeted Proxy. If for any reason a Securd DNS or a Targeted Proxy server fails or is taken offline, services seamlessly fail-over to the nearest server on the same IP with no interruption to services.



securd network performance

Network Performance

We live in a digital economy, and performance and end-user experience are paramount. We engineer our services to perform at a 10ms benchmark. Security policy changes are instantly published and distributed to every network edge node in real-time. We believe that trust requires transparency. You can see our network availability and performance at any time on our public network status page.


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