Hello. Welcome to Securd.

We created Securd to disrupt what makes so many cyber attacks against end-users successful.  We have the experience and the technology to create defensive cyber security solutions that are economical, scalable and future proof.


Our Mission

Phishing and other end-user cyber-attacks have created an untenable and unsustainable situation. The economic losses and the dangers to society from an onslaught of cyber attacks have become great. Too many cybersecurity vendors oversell their capability, add "good-enough" features to fend off competition, or organizations have come to believe end-user attacks & breaches are an unsolvable problem. To add, cloud technology & the foundational design of the Internet have made it cheap and easy for attackers to deploy infrastructure to enable their attacks at will. We're on a mission to fix these serious problems.


The Securd Team

We're a rapidly expanding veteran team with expertise in all areas of Internet and cloud technology. We're re-thinking the problem and solving security challenges in ways that other cyber security vendors haven't done or failed at before. Every day we're analyzing attacker techniques, Internet infrastructure and end-user behavior through the eyes of the attacker. Don't give up and start to think phishing, compromises and data breaches are here to stay because we're not giving up. Our mission isn't finished until the Internet is Securd.

Trust what your employees access on the Internet.

While we're solving cyber security challenges, we're helping create a safer and more trusted Internet experience. We believe in an Internet that creates value and opportunity. You want your employees use the Internet to do their jobs without worrying about phishing, click bait and other end user security threats. This means you've taken the wise steps to take agility away from any bad actor or group who tries to exploit your organization. Learn more about our security technology.